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Weekly Super Saver (5th to 11th June)

🎉 $5 Super Saver Deals! 🎉

Hey there, foodies! 🍽️ Let’s turn those midweek blues into a culinary fiesta with our fantastic $5 deals! 🕺💃

1. HEGO Beef Cube Meat (Shin Shank), 500g Pre-cubed for convenience, this succulent beef is ready to dive into your favourite curry or stew. Pressure cook them to perfection and dinner is served.

  • Usual Price: $5.80
  • Your Price: Only $5!

2. CHURO Chicken Cheese Cocktail Sausage (READY TO COOK), 500g Hosting a party or looking for some light snacks? These cheesy chicken sausages are your secret weapon! Just boil and serve!

  • Usual Price: $6.95
  • Your Price: Only $5!

3. CHURO Salmon Sliced, 200g Straight from the icy waters of Norway, our salmon slices are like a taste of the Arctic!

  • Usual Price: $6.70
  • Your Price: Just $5!

4. CHURO Irish Olive Pork Diced, 250g These are not just your ordinary pigs, it’s time to try them out and join the flavor party! 🐷

  • Usual Price: $9
  • Your Price: Just $5!

5. CHURO Braised Pork Stomach Sliced (READY TO EAT), 300g Busy day? Pop these pre-cooked pork stomach slices into the microwave for a warm, comforting meal!

  • Usual Price: $9
  • Your Price: Just $5!

6. OOB Organic Green Beans, 400g It’s time for organic goodness! Steam, stir-fry them and your body will thank you!

  • Usual Price: $6.50
  • Your Price: Only $5!

🚚 FREE Delivery on orders over $80! And hey, don’t forget to add a box of Chocolate Croissants (3pcs) to your cart for every $20 spent. Because life is sweeter with croissants! While Stocks Last! 🥐

Grab these deals while they’re hot, and let’s make mealtime magic happen! 🌟🍴

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