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Weekly Super Saver (22nd to 28th May) $4 deals

🎉 Introducing Our Super Saver Deals! 🎉

Hey there, savvy shoppers! 🛒 It’s that time again—our SUPER SAVER event is back, and this week, we’re bringing you irresistible deals at just $4 each! Limited to 4pkts/type/order 😱 Don’t miss out on these mouthwatering steals!


🔥 1. HEGO Beef Stir Fry, 300g: We’ve done the slicing for you! Whip up a veggie stir-fry or let this beefy goodness shine on its own. 🥩

  • Usual Price: $4.55
  • Your Price: Only $4!

🔥 2. CHURO Prawn Paste Chicken Karaage (READY TO COOK), 300g: Impress your family with this Ready to Cook chicken delight! Simply toss them into the deep fryer, and voilà! 🍗

  • Usual Price: $6.55
  • Your Price: Only $4!

🔥 3. CHURO Japanese Beef Burger (READY TO COOK), 300g: Feeling lazy? No worries! Pan-fry the patty hotplate-style, add a couple of sides, and you’ve got a hotplate meal!

  • Usual Price: $5.25
  • Your Price: Just $4!

🔥 4. CHURO Pork Softbone, 500g: Cook 'em up, and you can munch on those bones too! Collagen-packed deliciousness awaits. 🍖

  • Usual Price: $5.30
  • Your Price: Just $4!

🔥 5. CHURO Pork Belly, 500g:MUST BUY item! cook it any way you like! Time to stock them up at an amazing price!

  • Usual Price: $6.80
  • Your Price: Only $4!

🔥 6. CHURO Pork Streaky Bacon Sliced, 300g: Breakfast without bacon? Unthinkable! Pan-fry these slices until crispy, and pair 'em with eggs. 🥓🍳

  • Usual Price: $5.35
  • Your Price: Just $4!

🚚 FREE Delivery on orders over $80! Worried about hitting the basket size? Explore our full range of goodies at 🛒 Happy shopping! 🎁

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