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Weekly Super Saver (15th to 21st May) $8 deals

🎉 Get Ready to Huat with Our $8 Deals! 🎉

🛒 8 Yummy Items Up for Grabs at Only $8 Each! 🛒

1.    HEGO Beef Ribeye, 500g (U.P: $9.50) Feeling the mood today? Simply grill or pan-fry a ribeye steak to impress your partner! 🥩

2.    HEGO Sliced Lamb Chop, 500g (U.P: $9) These frozen sliced lamb chops are packed at 500g. They have tender and juicy meat that’s best served slightly pink. Ideal for pan-frying or grilling! 🍖

3.    LET’S EAT Plant-Based Golden Nuggets (Ready to cook), 400g (U.P: $13.05) Tempting plant-based wheat and pea protein golden nuggets, lightly coated with a crispy tempura batter. Air-fry them for 10-15 minutes and serve with your favorite sauce! 🌱

4.    LET’S EAT Plant-Based Tasty Tenders (Ready to cook), 400g  (U.P: $13.05) Delicious wheat and pea protein tenders, lightly coated with a crunchy pea crumb. Perfect for cooking in either the oven or air fryer! 🍗

5.    TEGEL Free Range Popcorn Chicken (Ready to cook), 400g (U.P: $11.90) Your big night in just got even better with these crispy popcorn-style chicken bites made from 100% New Zealand chicken breast. Super easy and ready in minutes! 🍽️

6.    TEGEL Free Range Chargrill Chicken Steak (Ready to cook), 400g (U.P: $11.90) Kiwis love these chargrill-glazed chicken steaks! Quick and easy to cook, they’re perfect in burgers, wraps, or on pizza. Made with 100% NZ-raised, SPCA Animal Welfare-certified free-range chicken breast—no added hormones! 🐔

7.    CHURO Boneless Herbal Pork Jokbal (Ready to eat), 240g  (U.P: $14.05) Jokbal (족발) is a rich, savory dish made by braising pig’s trotter in seasonings over hours until they’re soft, shiny, and glazed. The meat falls off the bone—pure indulgence! 🐖

8.    CHURO Pork Tenderloin, 1kg (U.P: $9.30) The most tender cut in a pig, the tenderloin is lean, flavorful, and easy to cook. Elevate your meals with this premium pork! 🥓

🚚 Spend $80 for FREE Delivery! 🚚 Get all these fresh frozen goodies delivered right to your doorstep! 📦

Huat ah! 🧧💰


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